I am so glad you’re here. Long before you discovered my website, I have been praying for you. No – we haven’t met, but already, I know this about you:

  • You are beautiful (Song Of Songs 4:7)
  • You are a treasure to the Lord (Exodus 19:5)
  • You are deeply loved by Him (1 John 3:1, Ephesians 2:4-5)
  • The Lord delights over you (Zephaniah 3:17)
  • If you are seeking Him and His wisdom, you will find it (Proverbs 8:17)
  • He has a great plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11)

I also suspect that you are a beautiful woman (yes, you!), perhaps even successful in a career and seemingly have everything going for you, yet you still struggle (perhaps secretly) with one or more of these things:

  • Remaining single, despite your prayers and efforts to have a family
  • Attracting healthy relationships with men
  • Finding the “right” man – it feels like a fantasy more than a future reality
  • Feeling loved – despite all your friends and family ties
  • Consistency — one day you’re strong and confident, the next insecure and vulnerable
  • Negative thought patterns (Why am I so stupid? I’m never going to meet anyone!)
  • Destructive core beliefs – (I’m not loveable, I don’t matter, I must protect myself because no one else will do it for me, I’m alone)
  • Finding your purpose or direction

If you do find yourself connecting with one or more (maybe all?) of these, don’t be discouraged. I’m here to help!

My Passion & Purpose

As a mentor and coach is simple: I help women identify the core lies they believe about themselves, about God and about others and help them replace it with the truth.

That’s it? Yep. That’s it. It’s simple, but not easy (Quoting Bob Goff here!).  It takes courage to be willing allow yourself to drop the masks that have protected you to this point and to show the real you.

My goals are to help build and strengthen every one of you as you seek the Lord for healing and restoration.

My Story

Desperately Seeking…Self

The impact of a chaotic and unstable childhood left me with a deep unshakeable fear of abandonment, loneliness and lack of value, worth and identity. I grew up and became no one. I drifted through my teens and twenties and it was only by “chance” that I stumbled into my career after a teacher gave me praise for my work. I was so lost; I would listen to anyone and become whatever they thought I should be. She thought I’d be good, so why not? Never mind the fact that I didn’t really enjoy it! I was just good at it (there is a difference). The thing about drifting is that you always take the path of least resistance and typically that path will either pull you out to sea or pull you into the rocks. Regardless of which way the tide takes you, it never ends well.


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